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    It is one of the oldest towns in Europe, well known with its exotic monuments the Antiquity, its fascinating architecture of the Middle Ages and the National Revival period. The town is situated on a small rocky peninsula in the North part of the Bourgas bay.
    In 1956 Nesebar was proclaimed an archaeological and architectural reserve and in 1983 the cultural monuments of the town were included in the list of UNESCO.
   The area of Nesebar is about 25 ha. It is linked with the new part of the town by a narrow 300 metres long strip. The beach, based in the new part, is 4 km long.

Sunny Beach

    It is the biggest and most popular holiday resort of the country, and is home to over 800 hotels with more than 300 000 beds. There are also 130 restaurants and numerous live music bars, pubs, nightclubs, discos, cafes. It has been undergoing continuous expansion for many years. In recent years almost the whole hotel base has been renovated and several new luxurious hotels have been built as well as many apartment complexes.
  The temperature of the air during the summer is 30°C and of the water  25°C. The beach is 8 km long. Many places of entertainment - yachting, surfing, water skis, tennis-clubs, horse riding, bowling, open and covered swimming pools, ........





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